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QUAERY is a new project from longtime music collaborators Erik Schee and Scott Christopher. Erik and Scott draw from their background in folk and pop songwriting while exploring new sounds influenced by contemporary R&B and indie trends.


Erik and Scott began their collaboration in the Minneapolis-based indie folk group, The Paper Days. In their former band, they made regular appearances at venues such as The Icehouse, 7th St Entry, and Aster Cafe. The band’s debut album Falling Is Easy received radio play on The Current, Go 96.3, and KFAI.


Years later, Erik & Scott continue to develop their collaboration in QUAERY. The duo released their first EP, "Until the Sun Stopped Glowing in January 2022 and released their 2nd EP, "Dark Magic is Real" on September 29th of 2023


Dark Magic is Real

"Dark Magic is Real" is the 2nd EP from QUAERY. All songs are written and performed by Scott & Erik. The duo produced and engineered these songs independently. The band explores new musical and lyrical territory with this release. "Dark Magic is Real" takes the listener from thoughtful, intimate verses, to loud and danceable hooks. The band draws on sounds from contemporary pop & EDM influences while also experimenting with non-traditional forms for their songs.

Stream the Full EP

Download the Full EP

Track List:

1) Melon in Our Melancholy

2) You Could Be You 

3) Don't Say It 

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Live Performance Videos

QUAERY recorded a live performance of three of their original songs at Theatre Elision in spring of 2022. The videos were captured by Aleutian Calabay of Calabay Productions.

Until the Sun Stopped Glowing

"Until The Sun Stopped Glowing" is the debut EP from QUAERY. Released on January 7th, 2022, it features three original tracks written and performed by Scott & Erik. "Until The Sun Stopped Glowing" was produced and engineered by Matt Patrick at The Library Studio in Minneapolis. Erik and Scott draw on their collective skill sets as multi-instrumentalists to create immersive arrangements full of washy guitars, synthesized percussion, heavy bass, and carefully crafted keyboard sounds.

Listen To The Full EP Here

Download the EP Here

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Photos and Social Media

To view our full library of band photos, click here.

The band uses Instagram as their primary social media platform. Follow these icons to view any of their accounts.

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